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Testimonals from our Guest Book:

Wonderful! Had a fabulous day,I don't want to leave!
Emma Rigby - Hollyoaks actress

Calm relaxing atmosphere, all staff were lovely and made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Thank you.
Milly Worthington - Actress (Hollyoaks)

Fantastic! I loved everything, I hope to see you all again most definitely.
Jorgie Porter Actress (Hollyoaks)

I just wanted to say thanks you so much, its sounds silly but you have changed my life after my 2 colonic's. SE.

The results after my first treatment were fantastic - my whole body felt re-hydrated & my skin fresh and full. Now after no.3 I feel my mind has been cleansed as well as my body, I feel unbunged!

Thank you for your professionalism & making me feel so at ease - especially the first time we met. Irene.

Amazing - best day of my life! Extremely friendly and professional at all times, an 11/10 day!!
Melissa Walton Actress (Hollyoaks)



Colonics for Weight Loss

A lot of people come to see us for weight loss programmes and in most cases they do lose weight, through the improvement of elimination of waste from the body as well as from the education and information we give you during your time with us.

The average weight loss after a colonic is somewhere between a pound and 6 pounds, although depending on how much water your body decides to retain after the colonic you may appear to have lost less than you think. This is dependent on how hydrated your body is. We will go through all of this at your appointment.

Quick weight loss - average weight loss 9 pounds in 9 days. 

For a quick weight loss, ideal for someone trying to get into a wedding dress or attend a special event we recommend the Clean 9 programme which is a 9 day programme with 2 colonics. As with all weight loss programmes you should discuss this with your health professional. 

This consists of 2 colonics, one at the start and one at the end of the programme and a 9 day intestinal cleansing and weight loss programme in a box. it's intense, with aloe drinks, shakes and supplements. It is a bit of a 'no brainer' as one of out clients told us who has lost a stone in 9 days, you just follow it to the letter. Another of our clients was so surprised that at no point did she feel hungry, she absolutely loved the fact she didn't get any cravings!

If you don't fancy the coloncis you can just do the pack, whioch you can buy direct here:

For example lots of people think they are eating very healthily when in fact the foods they are eating, and the way they are eating and drinking, is not as good as they thought. There is a lot to go through but we promise you we are here to help and will answer any questions you have. It's not rocket science,  

Colonics and weight loss
Although colonic irrigation did not start out as a weight loss programme our experience and techniques have proven that it can be a great help to those wanting to loose weight.

If you are looking for a retreat style Weight loss and Detox programme we offer Long Weekend Detox Breaks from the Northampton Colonic Clinic. For a non residential Weight Loss programme at Milton Keynes read on...

Colonics can help on several levels.

If you think about your body as your house, when the sink waste in the kitchen gets a bit clogged up with grease and bits it is difficult for things to drain away and bits get stuck in the waste pipes. It also makes it difficult for other sinks in the house to drain away too and, unless you keep on top of the problem, before you know it you've got a problem.

It's the same with the body, unless we are flushing everything away that we need to efficiently, the body will hold on to toxins and matter that will almost always add to our weight. Our metabolism can slow down as our bodies struggle to process matter it doesn't want in there and all of a sudden you're gaining weight. For example, if you suffer with cellulite this often improves after colonics as the body finds it easier to flush toxins out and after all thats all cellulite is - toxins held under the skin.

Colonics help to re-establish the flow system in the body, they can help rebalance the bacteria levels and generally help the body eliminate toxins which is almost all cases results in weight loss. After all - even if you just get rid of some old matter that wasn't coming out before - that will reduce your weight and make you feel better.

What we do within your two sessions, and you should be having 2 colonics as a minimum on this programme, is advise on how and when to eat - yes that can really make a difference - as well as on easy ways to promote weight loss without getting out of the armchair. Obviously exercise will always help but often if the 'flow system' in your body isn't working eficiently you won't feel much like exercising in any case.

What we hope to do is help you initially with weight loss and advice and then the increased energy you have may encourage you to be more active.

Colonics for weight loss #02
Why some diets stop working after a while
If you've been on diets before you will probably have found that after a while the weight loss slows down and often you reach a plateau where it doesn't matter what you do nothing seems to work. Sound familiar?

In the early stages of a diet the body will detox as it enjoys all the new healthy food you are eating. To help the detox the body will use water you have stored to flush the toxins out and you loose weight - from a change in calorie intake but also from loosing some water. But if the body isn't maintaining that water level the ability to flush things away will reduce, the metabolism can slow down and all of a sudden you're at your plateau!

When you have a colonic the body will absorb water through the bowel directly into areas that need detoxing and this encourages the body to flush more out. Oxygen in the water can also be absorbed and this can help with energy levels. Again this results in weight loss.

Drinking water will help of course but the body will prioritise that water to sweat, pee and run the vital organs such as the head, heart and lungs. The extra water absorbed during the colonic can then be used to help with the flushing away and detoxing.

Colonics for weight loss #03
The Package
To aid weight loss colonics need to be administered close together, two treatments within 7 days is vital. You will be asked to keep a food diary before you come in and fill out a questionnaire.

Weight loss can never be guaranteed as we can't control what you do once you have left us, but our experience has shown that people who follow our recommendations will often benefit from a quick weight loss (which is normally matter thats been stuck there for some time) plus a gradual drop in weight as their digestion and elimination systems improve.

Colonics are normally £80, but for two treatments taken within a week we charge a total fee of £140.

Included in the price are your colonics, food diary review, help and advice and access to us for further advice by email.

Dependent on how your body and metabolism are operating we may recommend supplements to help improve and enhance your body functions, these would be at an additional cost but will, in almost evey case, significantly improve your bodys flow system and drainage capabilities and give you a great kick start to your weight loss programme. You are under no obligation to purchase these, as the programe itself should start the process off. Prices are dependent on what is required but start at as little as £11.

Colonics for weight loss #04
Eat healthily too please!
Although it's great to have the option of a 'quick fix' nothing will ever replace healthy eating and exercise as the best long term solution for weight loss.

To give your 'quick fix' a helping hand we ask that you eat healthily and drink plenty of fluids to keep, or help, the body become hydrated.

It would be a great shame to undo all the good things you are doing in the clinic by having a cup of tea and two chocolate eclairs on the way home so please be prepared for healthy eating. Remember - healthy eating doesn't mean starving yourself, you can eat plenty of foods and lots of it, just as long as it's the right stuff!!

Colonics for weight loss #05
Buy a voucher for this treatment
You can buy a voucher for this treatment on line and we will contact you to arrange your appointments. The two appointments are £130 in total if taken within 7 days.

Call us on 0845 475 0606 to make your appointments, please mention the 'weight management programme' when booking to benefit from the discounted fee.

The clinic is based just off junction 14 of the M1 and is local to Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Northampton and Northamptonshire.