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Testimonals from our Guest Book:

Wonderful! Had a fabulous day,I don't want to leave!
Emma Rigby - Hollyoaks actress

Calm relaxing atmosphere, all staff were lovely and made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Thank you.
Milly Worthington - Actress (Hollyoaks)

Fantastic! I loved everything, I hope to see you all again most definitely.
Jorgie Porter Actress (Hollyoaks)

I just wanted to say thanks you so much, its sounds silly but you have changed my life after my 2 colonic's. SE.

The results after my first treatment were fantastic - my whole body felt re-hydrated & my skin fresh and full. Now after no.3 I feel my mind has been cleansed as well as my body, I feel unbunged!

Thank you for your professionalism & making me feel so at ease - especially the first time we met. Irene.

Amazing - best day of my life! Extremely friendly and professional at all times, an 11/10 day!!
Melissa Walton Actress (Hollyoaks)



Why The Clinic for Colonics

We admit it, we are perfectionists and we believe that everyone is entitled to the best colonic irrigation treatment they can possibly get!

Before setting up the Colonic Clinic we carried out over a year of research to ensure that our clinic was better than any others we had seen.

Our priority was a great treatment with lots of dignity, care and advice thrown in. We visited and had treatments at lots of other colonic irrigation clinics, took the good bits and improved them while throwing the bad bits away! This means you get the best of everything we've seen.

We still secret shop clinics to ensure we are still doing a good job and, every time we do, we come back proud of what we offer and the way that we do it.

Here are some of the reasons we are proud of what we do:

Our colonic irrigation therapists are fully qualified

As The Clinic's owner, Tracey Dell, once said "Only a qualified therapist is getting anywhere near my bottom!"

On a more serious note, when you have a colonic treatment there may be medical issues you need to discuss with your therapist. In our experience some therapists do not have the experience or knowledge to deal with these questions adequately. All our therapists are Association qualified and take a real interest in nutrition, cleansing and bowel related issues.

You may disclose something (eg medication) on your medical form that to the untrained will not be significant. A properly quaified therapist is able to take this information, along with other information on the form, and interpret it appropriately in connection with your treatment.

We set standards

We were the first clinic to open in Northamptonshire. Our therapists have more years of experience than any other local clinic, giving you peace of mind that your therapist is safe and competent.

The founder of the clinic, Tracey Dell, has recently undergone advanced training with (International Association of Colonic Therapists) to ensure she keeps up to date with new colonic irrigation techniques from America.

Tracey enhances her treatments with specialist colon massage techniques learnt at The European College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and recently gave a talk to I-ACT delegates on colonic techniques. In 2003 Tracey studied fasting and detoxing methods in Thailand and a full diary of her experiences including photos (only if you dare!) is at The Clinic

With the increasing popularity of colonic treatments more and more people offer colonic treatments. We are often approached by people who want to train in colonics who don't have any knowledge at all. There are not currently any regulations stipulating that colonic therapists have to be qualified. We are lobbying hard to get regulations introduced in the UK to ensure you will always be treated by a properly trained and qualified therapist.

To make sure that we stay at the top of our game we regularly hold therapist meetings to exchange information, leading to improved treatments and hopefully a healthier you!

New guidelines should be adopted in the UK in the next year or so, in the meantime non trained or accredited therapists can continue to treat without any supervision. Please bear this in mind when choosing your therapist and clinic.

Please feel free to read the colonic section on cleanliness which will explain our proactive approach to setting standards. We want you to be safe in the knowledge that you will have a pleasant, clean, safe and professional treatment.

We take good mental care of you

When you are having a colonic treatment you often detox your mind too. Your reasons for having a colonic may have been based on physical symptoms but we know that your mind can also affect your body.

Our therapists are mature and are great listeners. In the privacy of your treatment room you can cleanse the mind, body and spirit if you want to.

All our treament rooms have ensuite facilities

We were genuinely shocked to find that most clinics do not have ensuite toilets.

After a treatment you will want to go to the loo to get rid of any excess water and loose waste that has not come out during the treatment. A very prestigous clinic in London offers toilet facilities across the hall. After the treatment, wearing an open backed gown, you have to walk in full view of waiting patients to a loo where you will sit, do your business and then have to walk past them again to go back into the room! Nothing dignified in that!

All our rooms have ensuite rooms allowing you to change and go to the loo in complete privacy before and after your treatment. Your dignity and privacy is paramount.

Our colonics are pleasant experiences!

We often hear horror stories about how painful or unpleasant someones colonic was. We've experienced it ourselves when secret shopping other clinics, in fact one of us had such a bad experience at another clinic it nearly made her cry!

We believe that any colonic should be a pleasant, comfortable and enjoyable experience.

We know that when you first come to see us you will probably be nervous, not sure what the procedure entails and in some cases embarrassed. We all remember our first time and we take great care in making you feel as relaxed as possible before you get on the couch!

Our reward is the relieved smile when you emerge from the treatment room and tell us "It was much better than I expected". If we had a penny for everytime we had heard that.........

Our patients are our best advertisement

Approximately 70% of our patients come through recommendation. We have patients who travel from London, the Home Counties, and even Scotland and the North West who have been recommended by friends or family.

Local GPs also recommend us and some are even patients!

We are open evenings and weekends

We are all busy people and sometimes the people that most need colonics are the people that are always busy. We offer evening and weekend appointments but bear in mind these are always popular so book as early as possible!

You can stay as long as you like!

After your Colonic you will be fine to continue your day as normal but, if you want to stay and chat, relax in our luxurious waiting room and have a cup of detox tea you are very welcome.

Some clinics are small operations where 'hanging around' is not an option as the only person there is the therapist who needs to get on with another treatment.

We always have staff available to look after you, talk to you about your treatment, exchange colonic stories (!), discuss other treatments we offer or generally just put the world to rights.

We enjoy having you visit us, if you didn't come in to see us we wouldn't have much to do!

The practice is within easy reach of Northampton, Milton Keynes, Kettering, Wellingborough, Rushden, Peterborough, Corby, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Please contact us on 01604 620966

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